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“Lee specialises in juxtaposing abandoned, derelict urban scenes in secluded rural locations. Basically run-down estates in run-down estates. He somehow captures the sense of dark things happening behind closed doors, while presenting a perfectly chirpy looking, colourful landscape.”

– Banksy


“Beautiful and haunting”

– Derren Brown


“..Madgwick’s paintings are at once quaint, savage, raw, toothy and sinister. They are cinematically dystopian. A pop culture tag line might describe them as George Orwell meets the colour of the Gorillaz, backed up by the menace of the League of Gentlemen, all portrayed with a pinch of Storm Thorgerson, and transported to Terrance Malick’s Badlands, albeit in Britain, of course… As far as images of Britain go, these are some of the funniest, finest and dangerously engaging I’ve seen. Capturing the power, glory, grime and infamy of a country is one thing, nailing the underlying mood and malevolence of our culture is another.”

– Hayden Case


“A post apocalyptic Edward Hopper, where the views of the American province are opposed those of the English countryside. Houses ruined by the sloping roof, lush forests, streams, suspended atmospheres, frozen in an eternal instant.”

– La Repubblica